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Executive Order Issued on 2022 Pay Raise according to the executive order issued by President Biden. After four years of fighting proposals to freeze federal employee pay, this raise is a welcome change.

As part of his budget request, Biden proposed giving civilian federal employees an average pay increase of 2.7 percent raise in 2022, split between a 2.2 percent across-the-board raise and an average 0.5 percent increase in locality pay.

The Office of Personnel Management has issued new pay tables incorporating the pay raise at every level of the General Schedule and for each locality pay area. The pay raise goes into effect the first full pay period of the new year.

Federal salaries still lag behind those of their counterparts in the federal sector and starting in January we will resume the fight for a 2023 raise that will continue to narrow that gap. 


National Treasury Employees Union

The National Treasury Employees Union represents some 150,000 workers in 34 government agencies, making it the largest independent non-postal federal employees union. The union specializes in representation of non-supervisory federal employees in every classification and pay level in civilian agencies. NTEU has worked for over seven decades to expand the scope of federal employee protections, rights, and benefits.  NTEU’s negotiated labor agreements are second to none.

NTEU Chapter 222

Chapter 222 has Union offices in two POD’s. One Union Office is located in the Mickey Leland Federal Building in room 1250 and the other POD is located in the Alliance Tower in room 451 in Houston, Texas. The chapter represents all bargaining unit employees in the Houston and Beaumont Area.

Chapter 222 has a excellent-trained staff and a large cadre of stewards which provide guidance, assistance and valuable resources for all members. 

They work hard to ensure that all federal employees are treated with dignity and respect and that their rights protected in the workplace. For a listing of Stewards by post of duty, please click on the Stewards and Officers Link.